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"My days are calmer, clearer, more productive and focused because of meditation. This practice has had a profound impact on my life." - Andrea

"Meditation lowered my blood pressure." - Susan

"I never thought I would be able to sit quietly and meditate; now I actually look forward to it. I’m sleeping better, being more gentle with myself and others, a sharper clarity, and an ability to stay focused for longer periods of time." - Naushad

"As a working mom juggling little kids and a career, I came to Simply Meditate looking for help improving my focus at work and my patience at home. I’ve found regular meditation to be a highly effective way to bring energy and intention into my days.  The learning experience was easy, fun, and fulfilling."- Liz 

"I've dealt with anxiety my entire life. I highly recommend this practice if you are looking to reduce stress and increase inner peace."- Matt

"Meditation had always been a very intimating idea to me. Vedic Meditation helped me become the daily meditator that I am, now almost two years in. The lessons from meditation — about patience with yourself, about taking things as they come — are ones that translate into other realms of my life, and I’m so grateful to be on this journey." - Rebecca

"I’m sleeping better and seeing the world through a lens of positivity."- Cory

"I continue to be amazed by this really has had a positive influence on my life."

- Christiane

"I knew I needed something. I never imagined that the answer would require so little and feel so good so immediately." - Natalie

"I had meditated before - apps, recordings and books - but never felt any noticeable benefits. 

The course helped me become an effective meditator. Real instruction. Real information.  Real benefits.”- Julie

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