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Enjoy my 25-minute conversation with Jordan Friedman, host of The Chill Factory podcast, a pod offering "expertise, rapid relaxers and excellent resources to make work, school, relationships and life less stressful."  The interview is a primer on all things Vedic Meditation - what it is, how we do it, how easy it is to do and how beneficial it is to our physical and mental health.  Plus you'll hear a little bit about what got me into meditation in the first place.  Click here to listen.

Jordan, aka The Stress Coach, was so fun to speak with and having learned to meditate at a very young age, he totally gets what a game changer meditation can be.

PORTRAIT_Katie Grieco_0.jpeg

Read this short feature #TheJourneyHere: Katie Grieco '92 Left Restaurants for Meditation, in the Princeton Alumni Weekly and see how I got from there to here.  

"Lessons learned: Trust your gut, and don’t be scared to pivot in another direction, even if it seems radical to everyone else. 'There’s more risk in staying put than making a change,' she says. 'Nothing has to be forever.'"

Chasing Sunshine celebrates the joy of self-discovery and explores the ways women flourish in their journeys to a life a meaning that makes them uniquely whole.  Thanks to Rose Castillo-Komoda for the generous and thoughtful interview.  Read the interview here.

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